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Site Search Pro :: GOLD Version LITE and BUSINESS versions are available

Site Search Pro GOLD is the best and most popular version. It is an ideal choice for any commercial website. Great extra features make gold version the best site search engine solution available on the market.

Ultimate, reliable and fast search engine will make your visitors happy to search your website again and again!

Gold version can be used with any shared or dedicated hosting environment.

Just some ideas on how and where it can be used:

  • Home page
  • Private website
  • Database driven website
  • Internal corporate search
  • Any commercial website
  • Any website that requires a great site search engine!

PHP and ASP editions provided to all clients!

Benefits of the GOLD version:

PDF , DOC , XLS and flash files support +
Multiple websites and subdomains support
Create multiple search groups to search within a network of websites. Visitors will be able to search in all sites or select sites to search in.
Full support of dynamic content
100% correct work with database driven website and dynamic content (php, asp, .net, xml, cfm, jsp and many others).
Independent templates for search results
Create unlimited number of search forms with different design and settings for all websites.
Negative files, folders, and page areas
Select files and folders you don't want visitors to search. Use tag <noindex> to exclude some parts of the web page from search index.
Search within areas of the website +
Destination Rules
Redirect visitor to any url with specific keywords
Advanced search results feature +
Powerful statistic reporting
Advanced Reports! Traffic trends, top URLs, more

Main Features

Easy installation and instant work. Just one click "Start Indexing" and your site search is ready to work +
Powerful search templates management +
Full layout and design control: easy-to-use interface makes administration a snap +
Built-in filter: full control on search results. +
Reliable and high-speed work (more than 25000 kb/sec processing speed!) +
Cross-Platform solution: Unix and Windows hosting platforms are supported +
Use simple searching or advanced Boolean expressions +
Phrase matching: choose from exact phrase, near phrase or far phrase +
No traffic limits since the script installed on your server +
Simple and easy to understand error messages. +
Full frames support +
Index/Search HTML and plain text files +
Choose to show Index/Search or Title +
Control of concordances (relevance) +
Set negative words for whole sentence input +
Documents indexing report +
Full installation wizard +
Works with all domain names +
Full search history +
Priority support 24/7 +

Finally, unbeatable price and 100% money back guarantee!

Order Site Search Pro Business today!

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