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Why would you need search script for your web site? Because you want to give visitors what they really want. How to choose the search script? Great search script must be fast, reliable, have options to index dynamic content, support additional files like doc, pdf, xls, rtf, flash, have multi-language support, and bring detailed statistic.

There are usually 4 main editions of search scripts:

PHP search scripts
ASP search scripts
Perl search scripts
CGI search script

Search engine software can be used to index the information on your web site or intranet, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. There are plenty of "site search," "intranet search" or "enterprise search" solutions, ranging from simple packages to feature-packed, high-end commercial products.

Site Search Pro 2.0 is leading search script product. It's intend to provide complete, customizable, effective and fully-functional site search for any web site. It has latest spider algorithm to index wide range of dynamic content including PHP, CGI, PERL, XML, FLASH, ASP, .NET, CFM, JSP and many others.

There are usually 2 main editions of search scripts available: PHP and ASP based. PHP search scripts require MySQL database. ASP search scripts require Microsoft SQL or Access database.

Software package also include great extra features:

There are 3 main versions available: LITE, BUSINESS and GOLD. Checkout full features list Order Site Search Pro 2.0 today or visit Free Online Demo

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